Thursday, December 27, 2012


It was kaiizens first Christmas and he loved it! He is learning new words slowly and his newest one is "whats that"... but really just comes out "that that" and thats what he kept saying all day. We woke him up around 7 because Trent and I couldn't sleep anymore (we were to excited for kaiizen.) we walk down the stairs and he was so tired he didn't want to open his eyes until he saw the tree and the "that that" started.

 He got a bike from santa and loved it!


We also had our first Christmas away from my family which was a little different but we started to build our own traditions which was nice. We opened Christmas pjs on Christmas eve and we read a Christmas book. kaiizen loved it
This is kaiizen in his Christmas day outfit eating a candy cane. It was a great Christmas, we had trents family over for Christmas dinner( I took lots of pictures ill post them hopefully by tonight) and we built a lot of different traditions for our little family.