Wednesday, April 25, 2012

kaiizen, 2 months old already!

I cant believe kaiizen has changed so much in just a short 2 months. I always tell trent he was my baby when he was born and now he is yours. The older and older he gets he seems to look more and more like trenton. In fact most days his eyes are a light green and sometimes there is even some blue.

            Now days kaiizen loves to be talked to and smiled at. He loves to show his big smile to almost anyone that will let him!

Hes getting better and better at playing with his toys and making eye contact with you. He focuses really hard on his toys and wants so bad to touch them.

He was such a big boy at his shots he only cried for a few seconds and was fine right after. Niko gave him loves when he got home from the doctor. Niko loves him just as much as the rest of us.

kaiizen has been such a wonderful blessing for trent and I. We love him more and more each day. This passed month has been a little bit of a struggle for kaiizen..
When he was about 3 weeks old we noticed he was having very messy diapers almost every 2 hours for about two weeks. he seemed like every time we put food in his mouth he would go to the bathroom. We called our doctor and he wanted us to come in the next day so we did and he told us that we needed to test his stool. I wont get in to the details... but a few days later we had the results back he had white and red blood cells in his stool and the doctor said that chances are its just a allergy to milk. We changed him to soy formula last week and the messy diapers have stopped. He now spits up after almost each feeding and when I say spits up I mean his whole bottle. and seems to have a hard time eating, before he was eating 5 ounces like a champ now we are luck to get 4 ounces in him. After calling his doctor again he has referred us to a gastroenterologist.
Its been a rough road but he still manages to be such a happy baby. You can just tell something is wrong after you feed him we will hopefully figure it out with in the next week.
I love being a stay at home mom even though some days are a little hard. Its like I told trent over the phone one time... Your son just spit up all over me then I went to change his diaper and he pooped all over me and then I got him dressed for the day and he spit up all over himself... and then he smiled really big and laughed :)
There is nothing better then that


  1. He is soo adorable, it is fun to see how he completes you guys! I love the pictures you got of him, the way he smiles and talks is just about the cutest thing ever!

  2. He is getting so big. He is so dang cute! Keep the pictures coming!