Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Birthday party

Sorry its a fast post that's really sloppy.
Here's the birthday boy..... he wouldn't hold still long enough to take a picture of him. He loved everything that was going on but his favorite was the balloons!


We had about 40 people come, kaiizen got super spoiled with presents and he loved all of them!

He got 2 chairs! One from grandma Ann and Grandpa Vern (his inside chair.) and One from Chace and Sinead That we use outside and Trents softball games he loves them!

Ashleigh made the cake for him which was so nice of her! it turned out great! and he loved it as you can tell.

We rented a bounce house and an obstacle course that all the kids loved. Kaiizen loved to go down the slide

Here's some decorations, I cant make my pictures look normal.... I don't really know how to blog obviously haha.

It was such a fun birthday party! And I'm so glad everyone could make it. My family drove down from Orem, Gary and Jolene, Chace and Sinead all drove down from salt lake, and Brittney and her family came all the way from Phoenix! It was really great to see everyone. We had a photo both and got to take every ones picture with cute little props(ill post thoughs pictures on facebook.) Thanks so much for all the help from everyone. I know its a party kaiizen will never forget ;)

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Kaiiz

Our little boy is 1 how crazy is that! its gone so fast and he's grown so much. He's walking like a champ, climbing on and off things, the off part is really great cause he can get off the couch so I don't have to worry so much. He climbs up and down the stairs. He eats almost anything and everything you give him. He's slowly learning the word no (I think he understands more then he wants you to know.) He waves bye and understands when he/someone is leaving, for instants I put on his jacket and he waves bye before anyone says bye to him. He says what's that, this, choo choo (like a train). mom and dad. No more bottle which was really hard at first but now that we found a cup that he loves he's completely fine with it (thanks Sara) He's growing faster then I want him to and I just wish he would slow down.
Here's some pictures I'm going to make his birthday a whole different blog because o have way to many pictures and not enough time. maybe tonight or tomorrow during nap time ill get it done (its so hard to find time to blog these days)


first hair cut he wasn't a fan at all

Thursday, December 27, 2012


It was kaiizens first Christmas and he loved it! He is learning new words slowly and his newest one is "whats that"... but really just comes out "that that" and thats what he kept saying all day. We woke him up around 7 because Trent and I couldn't sleep anymore (we were to excited for kaiizen.) we walk down the stairs and he was so tired he didn't want to open his eyes until he saw the tree and the "that that" started.

 He got a bike from santa and loved it!


We also had our first Christmas away from my family which was a little different but we started to build our own traditions which was nice. We opened Christmas pjs on Christmas eve and we read a Christmas book. kaiizen loved it
This is kaiizen in his Christmas day outfit eating a candy cane. It was a great Christmas, we had trents family over for Christmas dinner( I took lots of pictures ill post them hopefully by tonight) and we built a lot of different traditions for our little family.

Friday, September 28, 2012

kaiizen is 7 months!

I know 2 blogs in one day, but really I couldn't help myself kaiizen is the cutest thing and I just had to share!..


Kaiizen turned 7 months old on the 24th, our anniversary. The 24th just seems to be our number, that was the day we went on our first date, the day we got married, and the day we had kaiizen:)
7 months has got to be one of the best months, because he has been a blast. He goes goes goes..

 As we were moving in kaiizen was getting into everything! he loved the boxes. We found this huge box he could climb through and he loved it.
 The first time kaiizen pulled himself up on anything was last week. It was a box left around the house of coarse. a couple of times of him pulling himself up and he thought he was a pro, he is now pushing the box/ objects he pulls himself up on and making himself walk. scary!:S
Really.. can I just say I think he is the cutest kid in the world.
Kaiizen and daddy. He always cuddles and loves on trent, but any time I pick him up he is to cool for me.

kaiizen cuddling up to becky

 We went to Vegas this weekend with my family. It was a blast. Kaiizen loves them. Becky thought it would be a good idea to have him ride on her shoulders.... Kaiizen loved it along with loved her hair. He was pulling and eating it! haha

 So Im in the kitchen making lunch and I walk in to the living room and there is kaiizen crawling up the stairs! ahhh

Kaiizen loves Niko so much.. Niko on the other hand were not to sure about he runs from Kaiizen. I think it might be because Kaiizen pulls his hair.

Picture over load, sorry but hes pretty adorable. Hes grown so much in just a short 2 months. He crawls and pulls himself every where hes actually pretty fast. He runs in his walking toy wall chasing Niko. He loves being naked, really who wouldn't in St. George's heat. Hes such a fun little boy and loves to go. Hes so happy and smiley and isn't scared of anyone. In fact this stranger asked if he wanted to come to her and he just went right into her arms before I could stop him. I cant wait to see how much more he grows in the next few months. We love him:)

The Best 2 Years

Trenton and I have been together for 2 year. Normally you would say I cant believe its already been 2 years!  But I would have to say I cant believe its ONLY been 2 years! :) in a good way of course. Cant believe we have done all this in just a short 2 years...

 The start of it all

We Bought Our first house 6 Months after being married. We renovated the whole house and made it Our own. It was a lot of work but so worth it. We also got Niko the same day we got the keys to our house. Hes a handful but we love him to death! 

 We got pregnant with Our wonderful kaiizen 9 months into being married. We were married for a little over a year and a half when I had him. Hes the best thing that's ever happened to us. 

Just last month we sold our House and bought a new one! what an adventure that has been.We also renovated the whole house, I'm hoping to have pictures up Monday but we will see because we are not done.
Its Crazy to think that in only 2 years we have done all that, not including all the extra things. Like buying our first new car, staying up all night with a baby, ect. And through it all Ive just fell more and more in love with this guy... I will leave it at that were not really the mushy gushy type.:)

Not the best picture in the world but it was like 12:00am
Lastly  for our anniversary we went out to dinner at this place in Vegas called Brio (its pretty dang good) and saw Mystere by Cirque Du Soleil. We hadn't been away from kaiizen that long before and it was a little weird but we had a lot of fun.