Friday, September 28, 2012

The Best 2 Years

Trenton and I have been together for 2 year. Normally you would say I cant believe its already been 2 years!  But I would have to say I cant believe its ONLY been 2 years! :) in a good way of course. Cant believe we have done all this in just a short 2 years...

 The start of it all

We Bought Our first house 6 Months after being married. We renovated the whole house and made it Our own. It was a lot of work but so worth it. We also got Niko the same day we got the keys to our house. Hes a handful but we love him to death! 

 We got pregnant with Our wonderful kaiizen 9 months into being married. We were married for a little over a year and a half when I had him. Hes the best thing that's ever happened to us. 

Just last month we sold our House and bought a new one! what an adventure that has been.We also renovated the whole house, I'm hoping to have pictures up Monday but we will see because we are not done.
Its Crazy to think that in only 2 years we have done all that, not including all the extra things. Like buying our first new car, staying up all night with a baby, ect. And through it all Ive just fell more and more in love with this guy... I will leave it at that were not really the mushy gushy type.:)

Not the best picture in the world but it was like 12:00am
Lastly  for our anniversary we went out to dinner at this place in Vegas called Brio (its pretty dang good) and saw Mystere by Cirque Du Soleil. We hadn't been away from kaiizen that long before and it was a little weird but we had a lot of fun.


  1. Anna, it is so fun to see you and your cute little family! You look so happy and I am so happy for you :) I miss you and it looks like you are doing well. Please keep this updated, I love watching my friends and their new lives! Love you! :)


  2. sky! I miss you too. Thanks:) you should add me to your blog so I can keep up with whats going on with you. Good to talk to you again love you!

  3. I love the fact that you live close enough for me to enjoy your family, you 3 are so awesome and I can not get enough of you guys! Hard to keep up with the day to day since you guys never sit still but nice to be able to get a recap! I love Trent he is such an awesome brother and you are a great asset to him! You make a great team!