Friday, September 28, 2012

kaiizen is 7 months!

I know 2 blogs in one day, but really I couldn't help myself kaiizen is the cutest thing and I just had to share!..


Kaiizen turned 7 months old on the 24th, our anniversary. The 24th just seems to be our number, that was the day we went on our first date, the day we got married, and the day we had kaiizen:)
7 months has got to be one of the best months, because he has been a blast. He goes goes goes..

 As we were moving in kaiizen was getting into everything! he loved the boxes. We found this huge box he could climb through and he loved it.
 The first time kaiizen pulled himself up on anything was last week. It was a box left around the house of coarse. a couple of times of him pulling himself up and he thought he was a pro, he is now pushing the box/ objects he pulls himself up on and making himself walk. scary!:S
Really.. can I just say I think he is the cutest kid in the world.
Kaiizen and daddy. He always cuddles and loves on trent, but any time I pick him up he is to cool for me.

kaiizen cuddling up to becky

 We went to Vegas this weekend with my family. It was a blast. Kaiizen loves them. Becky thought it would be a good idea to have him ride on her shoulders.... Kaiizen loved it along with loved her hair. He was pulling and eating it! haha

 So Im in the kitchen making lunch and I walk in to the living room and there is kaiizen crawling up the stairs! ahhh

Kaiizen loves Niko so much.. Niko on the other hand were not to sure about he runs from Kaiizen. I think it might be because Kaiizen pulls his hair.

Picture over load, sorry but hes pretty adorable. Hes grown so much in just a short 2 months. He crawls and pulls himself every where hes actually pretty fast. He runs in his walking toy wall chasing Niko. He loves being naked, really who wouldn't in St. George's heat. Hes such a fun little boy and loves to go. Hes so happy and smiley and isn't scared of anyone. In fact this stranger asked if he wanted to come to her and he just went right into her arms before I could stop him. I cant wait to see how much more he grows in the next few months. We love him:)


  1. HE IS SOOOO ADORABLE!!! AND ALWAYS SMILING!!!I love how he is so happy all of the time!

  2. He is getting so big and his personality is really coming out.