Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Happy Birthday Kaiiz

Our little boy is 1 how crazy is that! its gone so fast and he's grown so much. He's walking like a champ, climbing on and off things, the off part is really great cause he can get off the couch so I don't have to worry so much. He climbs up and down the stairs. He eats almost anything and everything you give him. He's slowly learning the word no (I think he understands more then he wants you to know.) He waves bye and understands when he/someone is leaving, for instants I put on his jacket and he waves bye before anyone says bye to him. He says what's that, this, choo choo (like a train). mom and dad. No more bottle which was really hard at first but now that we found a cup that he loves he's completely fine with it (thanks Sara) He's growing faster then I want him to and I just wish he would slow down.
Here's some pictures I'm going to make his birthday a whole different blog because o have way to many pictures and not enough time. maybe tonight or tomorrow during nap time ill get it done (its so hard to find time to blog these days)


first hair cut he wasn't a fan at all

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