Thursday, February 28, 2013

The Birthday party

Sorry its a fast post that's really sloppy.
Here's the birthday boy..... he wouldn't hold still long enough to take a picture of him. He loved everything that was going on but his favorite was the balloons!


We had about 40 people come, kaiizen got super spoiled with presents and he loved all of them!

He got 2 chairs! One from grandma Ann and Grandpa Vern (his inside chair.) and One from Chace and Sinead That we use outside and Trents softball games he loves them!

Ashleigh made the cake for him which was so nice of her! it turned out great! and he loved it as you can tell.

We rented a bounce house and an obstacle course that all the kids loved. Kaiizen loved to go down the slide

Here's some decorations, I cant make my pictures look normal.... I don't really know how to blog obviously haha.

It was such a fun birthday party! And I'm so glad everyone could make it. My family drove down from Orem, Gary and Jolene, Chace and Sinead all drove down from salt lake, and Brittney and her family came all the way from Phoenix! It was really great to see everyone. We had a photo both and got to take every ones picture with cute little props(ill post thoughs pictures on facebook.) Thanks so much for all the help from everyone. I know its a party kaiizen will never forget ;)


  1. It was a great day!! Kaizen is sooo lucky to have such awesome parents!!! No wonder he is such a happy boy!!!

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