Monday, July 9, 2012

Wow time has flied, and I have been a slacker on blogging. Kaiizen has grown so much in the passed 2 months hes like a different baby. Hes such a happy baby and he loves to play and laugh. My last post talked about his tummy troubles and how he was going to a specialist. Come to find out he is allergic to milk and soy... crazy right! We then got put on to a special (expensive) formula that was still milk based but was broken down over several days. It worked great! the doctor said after a couple months try a different formula and see if there is a change so here we are 2 months later and we are trying a new formula. Surprisingly its working! We hope nothing changes because as great as the other formula is it cost us about 240 dollars a month:S. Other then the tummy troubles hes growing great hes in the 73% and is a big boy!
There has been a lot of first these passed 2 months. He now rolls over front to back and back to front like a pro. Hes hard to change because all he wants to do is roll and play 
We started feeding him rice cereal and he didn't love it at first. So we mixed in a little banana baby food and he now loves it!

He went swimming for the first time when he was 3 months old. He loved it! he was a little scared at but after a few mins he settled down. He didn't love his float toy he would rather be in our arms. He kicks his little legs and plays its adorable!

He has full on conversations with you that could go on for hours with the bla bla and the high pitch screams. Almost every day Trent comes home from work, he takes kaiizen and goes in to our room and lays on the bed. I'm in the kitchen and can hear the two of them just talking away telling each other about there day:)

kaiizen celebrated his first 4th of July. We didn't do much just hang out with family and had a bbq. He had a lot of fun with every one he loves his nieces and nephews because they talk and play with him a lot. By the end of the day he was pooped and slept very good that night.
Hes growing so fast its crazy almost every day he does something new, like pushing himself around in a circle to find his toys or playing with niko ( he loves niko). Hes changing and growing and we love him more and more every day! 


  1. He is growing to fast. He is such a cute baby!

  2. I love all of his different expressions.

    He has so many different and cute expressions.